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  • Home of Golf
  • Trackman technology
  • World-renowned golf instructors
  • Repair and custom fitting centre
  • World class outdoor and indoor facilities
  • Centre of Golf Excellence
Golf Schools at St Andrews using the latest technology

Embark on a golfing journey at St Andrews Golf Academy established in 1999, where dreams on the green come true. Our golf academy, based in the iconic St Andrews, is dedicated to honing the skills of every golfer, from beginners to seasoned players. Delve into a world-class golfing experience with our advanced PGA professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering passion for golf, all designed to take your game to new levels.

St Andrews, often hailed as the birthplace of golf, holds a unique and revered position in the world of golfing. This historical town is not just a destination but a pilgrimage site for golf enthusiasts globally. Its rich heritage, where the game first took root, imbues every green and fairway with a sense of tradition and prestige. Golfers from around the world flock to St Andrews, drawn by the opportunity to play and learn in the very place where golf began. The town offers an unparalleled learning experience, blending historical significance with world-class facilities and courses. Learning golf in St Andrews is not just about mastering the sport; it's about connecting with the heart and soul of golf, where centuries of sporting history have been made.

Our Golf Academy offers coaching for golfers of all ages and abilities. We harness advanced technology with outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities and on course accompanied play at the 'Home of Golf'.

"Scotland for Golf are independent PGA Professionals who are permitted by SALT to use the facilities at the St Andrews Links Academy" In addition to the, our golf schools include training at the state of the art St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre, offering a weather proof experience.

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Meet our Experienced and Trusted Golf Professionals

Our PGA Professionals are what makes us special and their years of experience are what will help you improve beyond what you thought was possible.

PGA Advanced Pro
PGA Coach Education Tutor
PGA Assessor
TPI Certified
PGA Professional
BA Business & Economics
FDA Golf Studies
Competed on Tartan Tour
British PGA Professional
Spanish PGA Master Professional
Master Club Fitter
Biomechanics Accredited
Played on PGA Europro Tour
European Challenge Tour
European Tour Event
Touring Professional.

Our St Andrews Golf School Packages

Learn from Leaders
Learn to Play Golf

From £450 per person

Fun, Safe and Educational

Max Class Size: 4

Days: 2-5 Day Course

Ideal for first time golfers

Development / Improver Schools

From £450 per person

Improve your handicap

Handicap: All Levels Welcome

Max Class Size: 4

Days: 2-5 Day Course

Ideal for all golfers

Performance Schools

From £1,999 per person

Prepare for competition

Handicap: Under 9

Max Class Size: 4

Days: 2-5 Day Course

Ideal for the Serious Golfer

Elite Performance Schools

From £2,125 per person

Prepare for a career in golf

Handicap: Under 5

Max Class Size: 1

Days: 2-5 Day Course

Ideal for Elite Golfers

One to One Tuition

From £450 per person

Improve your handicap accelerated

Handicap: All levels

Max Class Size: 1

Days: 1-2 Day Course

Ideal for all levels of golfer


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Experience the Expert Touch at Scotland for Golf. Our team, comprising of PGA Golf Professionals, is dedicated to crafting your ideal golf vacation or event. Contact our experts for more information and any queries you might have. Let us guide you to an unforgettable golfing experience.