St Andrews Old Course Ballot

Old Course Ballot System

The Ballot or lottery system allows players without a guaranteed Old Course tee-time a chance to play the Old Course. The chances of success vary considerably during the high season. It may require several daily applications throughout the week and a flexible schedule to secure a tee-time on the Old Course.

Applications should be submitted before 14.00hrs two days before your intended day of play. Results will be published the same day of the application from approximately 16.30hrs.

A single player can't enter the ballot however, Scotland for Golf have created a unique package that will allow you to ballot with one of our P.G.A. Professionals. Should you be successful you will play the World Famous Old Course with a local knowledgeable P.G.A Professional. Alternatively, you can queue at the 1st tee on the day you wish to play, the earlier the better, and take a chance.

The team at Scotland for Golf will explain the ballot / lottery process in more detail and options about our unique service for single golfers. Call 01334 611466

St Andrews Old Course Tee Times 2018

  • Guaranteed: Old Course Availability
  • Limited: Last tee times remaining
  • Ballot: Daily Lottery of tee times only available
  • Closed: No Availability
  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
1st - 4th Ballot Enquire Now 5th - 11th Ballot Enquire Now 12th - 18th Ballot Enquire Now 19th - 25th Ballot Enquire Now 26th - 31st Ballot Enquire Now
2nd - 8th Ballot Enquire Now 8th - 14th Guaranteed Purchase Now 16th - 22nd Guaranteed Enquire Now 23rd - 29th Guaranteed Enquire Now  
30th - 6th Ballot Enquire Now 7th - 13th Ballot Enquire Now 14th - 20th Ballot Enquire Now 21st - 27th Guaranteed Enquire Now 28th - 31st Guaranteed Enquire Now
1st - 3rd Guaranteed Enquire Now 4th - 10th Guaranteed Enquire Now 11th - 17th Ballot Enquire Now 18th - 24th Guaranteed Enquire Now 25th - 30th Guaranteed Enquire Now
2nd - 8th Guaranteed Enquire Now 9th - 15th Limited Enquire Now 16th - 22nd Limited Enquire Now 22nd - 28th Closed   28th - 31st Closed  
30th - 5th Limited Enquire Now 6th - 12th Limited Enquire Now 13th - 19th Limited Enquire Now 27th - 31st Limited Enquire Now 20th - 26th Limited Enquire Now
3rd - 9th Ballot Enquire Now 10th - 16th Closed   17th - 23rd Closed   24th - 30th Ballot Enquire Now  
1st - 7th Closed   8th - 14th Ballot Enquire Now 15th - 21st Guaranteed Enquire Now 22nd - 28th Guaranteed Enquire Now 28th - 31st Guaranteed Enquire Now
1st - 4th Guaranteed Enquire Now 5th - 11th Guaranteed Enquire Now 12th - 18th Guaranteed Enquire Now 19th - 25th Guaranteed Enquire Now 26th - 30th Guaranteed Enquire Now
3rd - 9th Guaranteed Enquire Now 10th - 16th Guaranteed Enquire Now 17th - 23rd Guaranteed Enquire Now 24th - 31st Guaranteed Enquire Now  

What Our Clients Say

“Hello Craig, For me all of the courses were excellent…….with the best being Kingsbarns. I don’t think you will find anyone who won’t love that place. Your company & you did a great job and I will pass on your company name to any of my friends that are considering a Scotland golf trip.”

- Larry Ward, USA

“Some two weeks have passed since our “trip of a lifetime” to Scotland. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks again for your efforts in putting together a fantastic trip.”

- Mark Conzelman, USA

“the trip exceeded expectation. You took good care of us and we will be back next year. Mr Li will be in touch.”

- Mr. Lim, China

Talk to a Professional

At Scotland for Golf we have the unique skills of P.G.A. Professionals. Call our Team for information or any questions you may have about a tour.