St Andrews Golf Academy - Golf Modules

St Andrews Golf Academy - Golf Modules

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At Orientation you will discuss your selection with your Professional.


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1 Warm Up - A short TPI screening and warm up are essential to prevent injury and assess physical capabilities

My TPIMy TPI 2 Driving Length - Flight and positioning are crucial with your first shot from the tee

Irons - Good ball flight, accuracy and distance control are essential to hitting more greens

Short Irons - Flight and distance control will allow you shorter putts and better scoring will result

Around the Green - Basic technique and instruction on what type of shot to hit

Putting - Basic fundamentals of the putting stroke

Bunker Play - Good technique will ensure that the bunker does not ruin your score

8 Scoring Zone - Apply Tour Pro methods to your short game and achieve lower scores

9 Performance - Learn the importance of a repetitive action to perform consistantly


10 Trackman - Portable ball tracking device used by the world's top players, PGA Tour and the R&A to record ball flight data

11 Test Centre - Setting tests suitable to your ability to measure strengths and weaknesses

12 Club Fitting - Does your driver suit your swing and what shaft should I have in my irons






13 Basic Set Up - Grip, Stance and posture are key to good swing construction



14 Full Swing - Develop a solid technique by understanding the key positions that are required

15 Short Game - An introduction to all shots around the green

16 Increasing Awareness - Understand ball flight, what the ball is doing, ball fight characteristics and how to influence it

17 Etiquette - Enjoy many invitations to play with other players by having a good understanding of on course behaviour





18 Challenging Beliefs - Dispel the golfing myths, test what you think works and understand what works for someone does not work for all

Golf SchoolGolf School 

19 Impact Factors - The position of the club at Impact will determine where the ball finishes not wher it is in the backswing

20 Technique or Skill - Apply good technique to on course situations and then you have developed a Skill!

21 Swing Control - Understand the key basic positions and how top players achieve consistency and power

22 Distance Control - How far do you hit your clubs, is the information you need to lower your scores





23 Amateur to Pro - Handling pressure and gaining an understanding of what is required for a playing career

On the CourseOn the Course 

24 Test Centre - Setting tests suitable to your ability to measure strengths and weaknesses

25 Practice Rounds - Correct preparation, recording yardages, wind changes, pin positions and playing to your strengths

26 Consolidation & Practice - Creating an achievable Action Plan to improve performance

27  Recording Data - Statistics don't lie, understand your weaknesses and strengths and use them to construct lower scores


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