Open Championship 2020 Packages

Scotland for Golf are an approved ticketing agent for The Open 2020. Please see our packages below that all include accommodation, offical entry tickets and transfers to/from The Open.

London Packages

London is the perfect location to combine Sightseeing with a visit to The Open Championship.
London Full Week Package (All Week)
Check InNightsRoomPriceRooms Left
15/07/20205Twin/Double Room£2,249ppLast RemainingBUY NOW
15/07/20205Single Room£3,319ppLast RemainingBUY NOW

Canterbury Packages

Canterbury is a historic town that is located only a 30 minute car journey to The Open Championship.
Canterbury Weekday Packages (Thu&Fri)
Check InNightsRoomPriceRooms Left
15/07/20202Double Room£789ppLast RemainingBUY NOW
15/07/20202Single Room£909ppLast RemainingBUY NOW
Canterbury Weekend Packages (Sat&Sun)
Check InNightsRoomPriceRooms Left
17/07/20203Double room£979ppAvailableBUY NOW
17/07/20203Single Room£1,169ppAvailableBUY NOW
Canterbury Full Week Package (All Week)
Check InNightsRoomPriceRooms Left
15/07/20205Double Room£1,699ppLast RemainingBUY NOW
15/07/20205Single Room£2,019ppLast RemainingBUY NOW